Thursday, June 15, 2006

We received the crate containing the horizontal stabilizer kit, the elevator kit, clecos, and various tools. The contents are still being matched to the inventory, but I already have some questions about (L) angles that the directions refer to as needing to be cut. Maybe a large extruded angle piece is included that I have not found yet and pieces just need to be cut as I go?

More tools were required from Home Depot, but an adapter nipple for the riveter is still needed along with ratchet straps to hold the skins in place later.

The workbench was revisited. I added a second layer to the table top and three supporting 2x8s underneath the entire run to keep the table from flexing. The two layers were screwed together and into the supporting 2x8s to keep them from shifting and to provide tensioning spots to help manage any twist that may develop. A large level was used to determine the flatness of the table and it's levelness. The garage floor was less than flat or level and that caused great pains when building the bench.

After a large amount of cleaning the workspace is now ready for the stabilizer.

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