Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kitfoxes are nice little planes, especially the Series 7. When deciding on the right plane for the project the Series 7 was a strong contender with a large builder base and an active Matronics email list. Their were two problems with it. The first being the frame and fabric construction of the plane. Until recently I've only flown aluminum Cessnas and felt uneasy about fabric. The second was Skystar's bankruptcy.

After having flown a Super Cub and now that Kitfox is back ( ) I have to rethink that choice a bit. The series 7 is a much faster cruiser and has similar short field/short lake capabilities.

I have to thank John McBean for taking the time to talk to me and also illuminating me about some issues involving the Jabiru 3300 and climb props. His thinking was that the Jabiru liked smaller diameter props since the high RPM of the engine would cause cavitation on anything over 62".

No matter what choice is made, I have to wish the best of luck to the McBeans and Kitfox Aircraft.

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