Friday, June 16, 2006


My best guess is that the stabilizer and elevator will take about 50 hours to build. This estimate is based on values reported on other builder's websites. What I can not take into account is how often and for how long each person worked on their kit.

It seems logical that two hours two nights a week and 8 hours one day a week would produce "faster" results than 1 hour four nights a week and 4 hours two days a week. But since I do not know what everyone's work habits were ( I intend to log mine here for future builders ) I can only assume that 50 hours is 50 hours and that variance in my sample can account for varying work habits.

With that said, I hope with a minimum rate of 12 hours a week to have the elevator and stabilizer finished by July 14th, with the assumption that the Arlington EAA fly-in does not take away build time.

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