Thursday, November 04, 2010

The new punchlist:

Fuel lines run from wings to gascolator
Fuel filter
Run line for AOA into wing
Install ammeter shunt
move solenoid location
Install final wires to bus
Wire batter & alternator together
Install split throttle
Install choke

Patch fiberglass on doors
Order Garmin 496
Create wire access port on dashboard
Final windshield instal + sealing
Seal sunroof
Order & install steering boots
Final instal on position light wiring
Adjust control tensions
Final wire secure in hatch
Check all cotter pins, saftey wire, bolts
Install elevator VGs
Install dorsal fin
Final upholstrey install
Install oil door.
Replace gear with Grove brakeline drilled gear
Replace landing gear pads
RTV the FWF firesleeving
Run brake lines
Install jury struts
EAB plaque
Instal static port