Monday, April 13, 2009

This weekend the engine mount was reinstalled. It was realized that there are two steel angles that have not been drilled into place yet and need to.

The next steps of the controls will require pulling the fuselage out to mount the rudder hinge. Foul weather prevented this. The hinges were fabricated over the weekend.

The wiring diagram was started. The current plan is:

Dynon D180
Airgizmo / Garmin 496
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
ICOM A210 Transceiver

I am using Visio to create a fully detailed diagram. The hope is that I can decide on color coding before hand and decide where additional connectors may be wanted to help with maintainability.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I recently moved. Packing a mostly finished airframe and a "used" workshop and then moving it across town is harder than you would think.

First the plane with the gear was about two inches wider than the trailer. This required removing one wheel. Next there is the organizational issue. The new garage is smaller and needs more organization. The plane needs to sit at a diagonal to fit. Once the engine is hung the door from the garage into the house will need to be removed to fit the plane.

Recent progress has included mounting the rudder pedals, brakes and nose steering. I also fabricated the rudder cable pulleys and some rudder mounting parts.

Here is the new workspace ( Requires Silverlight )