Monday, June 19, 2006

NOT Borked already ? !

After careful re-measurment with additional squares and clamps I have determined that I am not borked. The ribs were flexing at their hinges shifting when I moved the square. Note to self... buy more clamps.

When placing the rear spar ( 7h2-2 ) to 7h1-4 and and the other two ribs, is
it more critical to insure the ribs are at a right angle to the rear spar,
or that 7h2-2 is centered relative to the front spar ( 7h2-1 ).

With the other spar clamped down in it's "out of place" position the rear spar is level AND all three nose ribs touch the work bench evenly.

I already drilled one of the full length ribs so it is flush to the rear
spar doublers ( next to, not overlapping ), and everything is at a right
angle, but I noticed that one of the clamps on the other rib slipped and now
the other rib is about 10mm off from the doubler when at a right angle to
the rear rib.

Moving the rib that I already drilled 5mm doesn't seem like an option since
the holes and rivets would be very close.

It wasn't until peeking ahead into the next sections that I put together the fact that the front and rear spars should be aligned less the stabilizer be uneven on both sides or crooked!

I am waiting on a response from ZAC and I have received several good tips from the Matronics list for future issues to watch for, but no solutions yet.

Any suggestions?

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