Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We are just starting, but I'm already thinking about engines.

After some research I'm starting to favor the idea of a Jabiru 3300 installation of the Rotax 912ULS or 914. The weight of the engine according to is 40lbs heavier than the Rotax 912ULS, but the total weight of the install will probably be only 20lbs heavier. Combine the 20 extra ponies with no night flight restrictions and the removal of a redrive and I think we have a winner. It doesn't hurt that the Jabiru costs the same as the 100HP Rotax.

In an effort to save weight Jim from Jabiru Pacific suggested forgoing VORs in favor of a dash mounted GPS (Garmin 396), an EFIS and a Dynon. I was already considering the later two to save on clutter. That three instrument combo will even be cheaper than all the steam and vacum driven instruments, although a separate LRI will still need to be used.

This year Arlington may require two trips.

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