Thursday, January 04, 2007

I spent about an hour making the slat placement template tool. The extrusion came from Home Depot and the 1/8" plate came from Ballard Sheet Metal Works. Most of the time was spent using the hacksaw on the plate. The plate is 7000 series and really hard stuff. A little extra time was spent using scotchbrite on the extrusion to obtain a nice brushed metal look. One small deviation from the plans was made: I riveted a small piece of plate between the extrusion at the end of the tool to maintain a constant gap between the extrusion and provide for better stability.

What is a massive project that takes years to finish? An airplane yes, but also a video game. I am preparing for another crunch at the office, but you can see the fruits of my labor. If you have a Xbox 360 with a Xbox Live Gold account and a Xbox hard drive, then please sign up for the Shadowrun beta.

Should you accept the offer from Mr. Johnson you will be given the chance to geek those dandelion eaters without having to pay any Nuyen to enter the matrix.

Project Status:
Wings: 12.5h ( 1h, 1h, 0.5h, 2.5h, 4h, 1h, 1.5h, 1h )
Flaperons: ( DONE! ) 23.5 hours spent ( 3h, 1h, 1h, 1h, 1.5h, 3h, 6h, 3h, 4h, 1h )
Paint Design: 2 hours spent ( 1h, 1h )
Elevator DONE!: ~31.5 hours spent ( 3h, 1.5h, 3h, .5h, 3.5h, 2h, 4h, 1.5h, 2h, 4.5h, 1h, 6h )
Horizontal Stabilizer DONE!: ~28 hours spent, 3 pieces replaced ( 3h, 2h, 2h, 2h, .5h, 1.5h, 3.5h, 1.5h, 5, 4.5, 2h, .5h )
Rudder DONE!, minus horn : ~16 hours spent, ( ~8h, ~8h )
Total Done: ~114 hours

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