Saturday, July 15, 2006

We spent three and one half hours skinning the bottom of the elevator ( aka "the flipper" as "Stick and Rudder" calls it ). This was a much easier process than the stabilizer. The skin fit perfectly and the pre-drilled holes we made matched the rib flanges.

Deburring took place, but on the steel beems I bought on Friday.

Next comes measuring out and pre-drilling holes on the top of the elevator which will be much harder to do without de-clecoing everything... again.

I found a used copy of "Stick and Rudder" at a book store on Phinney Ridge. I'm not sure if I completely agree with the way the description of how a wing works, but for a new pilot it may take some mystery out of stalls, climbs and landings.

Project Status:
Elevator: ~11.5 hours spent ( 3h, 1.5h, 3h, .5h, 3.5h )
Horizontal Stabilizer: ~28 hours spent, 3 pieces replaced ( 3h, 2h, 2h, 2h, .5h, 1.5h, 3.5h, 1.5h, 5, 4.5, 2h, .5h )
Rudder Done, minus horn : ~16 hours spent, ( ~8h, ~8h )
Total Done: ~55.5 hours

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