Friday, July 14, 2006

We spent about 30 minutes securing the elevator skeleton to the table. I also bought 2"x2" steel square tubes like those shown in the directions. I acquired six, five feet each, and two of two feet each in length. What I thought would be a quick drive turned into a nightmare of traffic in rural Snohomish county, at least 15 minutes further than I thought. For future reference Whiteside steel has 6061-t6 aluminum in small sheets and various extrusions.

Project Status:
Elevator: ~8 hours spent ( 3h, 1.5h, 3h, .5h )
Horizontal Stabilizer: ~28 hours spent, 3 pieces replaced ( 3h, 2h, 2h, 2h, .5h, 1.5h, 3.5h, 1.5h, 5, 4.5, 2h, .5h )
Rudder Done, minus horn : ~16 hours spent, ( ~8h, ~8h )
Workshop Done: ~8 hours

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