Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So Cessna has finally shown their LSA concept. If it is brought to market at a reasonable price, lets say ~$60k to $80k, then this plane could be a real winner.

First lets start with a list of cons.
  • Cessna is not the cheapest company around. Cirrus offers a better airplane in the SR-20 for about the same price as a new 172. My guess is that Cessna will opt for the certified version of the Rotax 912, and that will sadly add $10k to $20k
  • This plane also has a castering nose wheel, which makes me question the ground handling. A steerable nose wheel is a must for any plane that will serve as a primary trainer.
  • Strength. Those main landing gear supports look wimpy. Once again this plane will be used as a primary trainer, so strength is key.

Now for the good stuff.
  • A 100HP Rotax 912. Hurray. The rotax is a much nicer engine than the O-200 or O-235. Better fuel economy, less noise, less vibration.
  • The styling is great. It has the sleek look of the early fastback 150's without the visibility problem.
  • 6" inches wider than a 152? Sign me up?
The styling is really something. It reminds me of a Glastar and an early 150. The wings are raised above the cabin in the same way as the CH701.

My first hours as a student were in a 150. I got my ASEL ticket in a 152. I own a 150. The two seat Cessna has a special place in my heart due to it's docile handling, brainless landings and simplicity.

The source story and picture are from Aero-Net news.

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