Friday, July 01, 2011

Made a first attempt at transponder inspection. Bits were being adding on the discrete code while in the plane, but not on a bench. Not cause has been identified yet.

Added reinforcements to the radio stack. Tightened and flight readied all nut plates related to the radio stack.

Adjusted aim of landing lights.

Installed nutplates and cover for elevator trim motor.

Punch List:
Fabricate wire bundle supports for rear cargo area.
Have transponder tested by avionics shop
VGs on elevator
nuetralize aileron rods & control
Shorten steering pushrods, instal plates to lengthen rudder cable.
Final securing of wires aft of seats in luggage
More cotter pins & safety wire
Safety wire turnbuckles in "double wrap" style
fabricate, install streamlined strut covers. ( post first-flight )

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