Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Finished major construction, ready for the DAR.

Added trim to wing root skins. Secured strobe\nav wires in baggage compartment.

Added tangs to rudder cables to effectively lengthen them. Neutralized rudder and brake pedals. Safety wire and secured rudder turnbuckles. Added cotter pins to all steering assemblies.

Added adele clamps to secure brake lines.

Finished securing wires in hatch.

Fitted scat tubing to oil cooler and re-bonded NACA duct.

Chased down a squeak in the elevator.

Final check for all bolts, pins, wire.

Found prop serial number ( without having to disassemble! )

Did static runup to verify full power and prop pitch. 5500RPM at 11.5 degrees pitch.

Wrote "Fuel On" \ "Fuel Off" placards on floor since stickers would not stick.

Performed fuel flow test at nose high attitude.

Punch List:
Emergency flight refresher ( simulated engine out, ect )

Trim passenger side door fiberglass, add rubber trim.
Fabricate, install streamlined strut covers. ( post first-flight )
VGs on elevator ( after initial test flights )

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