Sunday, July 03, 2011

Found some more nut plates and added them to the trim servo access hatch.

Made a fork and then riveted in a small bracket to help keep the fire extinguisher from coming loose.

Drilled and deburred wing root covers to final A4 size.

Neutralized and set flaperon controls. Re-set aileron bump stops. Setting the ailerons is tricky, made worse when alone. First it is hard to determine the true up-right neutral position of the stick. Then you have to verify the lower torque tube bellcrank is in alignment ( not that much could be done about it now... ).

Finally it is a long slow process of measuring reference lines from the wing for gap distance. One trick I realized was to measure the angle between the rivet line for the push rod covers against the extrusion the connects the flaperon to the pushrod.

Luckily I had left the inboard pushrods coming from the torque tube long. This gave me more choices on setting the amount of reflex or deployment for a flaps up position.

The pushrods and jam-nuts are not flight ready.

The aileron bump stops are not the best designed items. Their placement is some what arbitrary and can be hard to align properly.

Using the darkness I verified the landing lights are aimed correctly.

On Tuesday the final securing of wires will be done. The steering push-rods will also get set.

Punch List:
Shorten steering pushrods, install plates to lengthen rudder cable.
Fuel flow test
Final securing of wires aft of seats in luggage
More cotter pins & safety wire ( flaperon pushrods & steering pushrods )
Safety wire turnbuckles on rudder cables.

Install wing root fairings ( post inspection )

fabricate, install streamlined strut covers. ( post first-flight )
VGs on elevator ( after initial test flights )

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