Friday, May 18, 2007

I did my first building since our vacation and recovering from the food poisoning associated with said vacation...

It took three hours to put the wing skeleton back together and rivet the rear channel and the fuel tank channel.

Part of the time was spent drilling out rivets due to some thoughtlessness on the rivet order. Here is what I learned:

  • Rivet the rear channel and their angles first.
  • Rivet the (L) angle to the fuel tank channel second.
  • Rivet the Fuel tank channel to the ribs before riveting the rear wing channels to the ribs. This allows easier access on the inboard side with a pneumatic gun.
  • Rivet the flaperon support brackets before riveting the wing channels.
  • With the wing right side up, rivet the rear channel to the ribs from the outboard working your way inboard. Have the inboard piece of the channel you are riveting disconnected so you can push the nose of the gun inside. Use a hand riveter with a swivel head to get the heavy channel that has the strut support.
  • Have someone else help you so you don't have to put down the rivet gun!

Project Status:
Wings: ~75h ( 1h, 1h, 0.5h, 2.5h, 4h, 1h, 1.5h, 1h, 1.5, 4.5, 1h, 1h, 2h, 4h, 1h, 3h, 1h, 2h, .5h, 1.5h, 2h, 2h, 2h, .5h, 1h, .5h, .5h, 2h,3h, 1h, 3h, 3h, 4h, 2h, 3h, 7h, 3h )
Flaperons: ( DONE! ) 23.5 hours spent ( 3h, 1h, 1h, 1h, 1.5h, 3h, 6h, 3h, 4h, 1h )
Paint Design: 2 hours spent ( 1h, 1h )
Elevator DONE!: ~31.5 hours spent ( 3h, 1.5h, 3h, .5h, 3.5h, 2h, 4h, 1.5h, 2h, 4.5h, 1h, 6h )
Horizontal Stabilizer DONE!: ~28 hours spent, 3 pieces replaced ( 3h, 2h, 2h, 2h, .5h, 1.5h, 3.5h, 1.5h, 5, 4.5, 2h, .5h )
Rudder DONE!, minus horn : ~16 hours spent, ( ~8h, ~8h )
Total Done: ~178.5 hours

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