Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm spending most of my time in the office. So, I've had to stick to the builder's equivilent of "hangar flying". I've decided to buy a Garmin 496 for the CH701. In fact, I almost bought one this week for an upcoming cross-country trip to Eugene. In the end I couldn't justify the cost, but I don't want to settle for a 296, so I'm going to wait until Garmin releases a 596 and let the price drop.

Just for fun:



Derives from Latin hiatus, -us, m.: gap; cf. hiare, hio, hiavi (hisco); (χαίνω) έ-χαν-ον, κέχηνα; Old High German ginēn; German 'gähnen' -> "yawn")



hiatus (plural hiatus or hiatuses)


hiatus or hiatuses

  1. A break or pause.
  2. A gap in a series, making it incomplete.
  3. (linguistics)
    1. A syllable break between two vowels, without an intervening consonant. (Compare diphthong.)
    2. The condition of having such a break.
      Words like reality and naïve contain vowels in hiatus.
  4. A gap in geological strata.
  5. A fissure in a bone.
  6. A small difference in pitch between two musical tones.
  7. A vacation.


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