Saturday, June 18, 2011

Re-weighed the plane.
Nose: 162lb, arm=670mm
Left main: 232, arm= = 690mm
Right main: 232, arm = 670mm

Added RTV seal & trim around fuel neck filler & wing skin. Tightened a few more bolts & added cotter pins to all but two steering & rudder nuts. Added fuel type markings.

Tightened bolts between steering push rods and nose strut along with jam nuts.

Found fuel senders were "double grounded" and pins were crossed. Fixed fuel sender wiring. Flushed fuel system and calibrated Dynon fuel sensors.

Bled brake lines.

Charged battery.

Started engine from fuel in wing tanks.

Taxied under own power across the airport. Started break-in procedure for Matco brakes. Verified steering and brakes.

Punch List:
Final placement of battery
Install EAB plaque
VGs on elevator
nuetralize aileron rods & control
Final securing of wires after of seats in luggage
More cotter pins & safety wire
Safety wire turnbuckles in "double wrap" style
fabricate, install streamlined strut covers. ( post first-flight )
Install steering boots
Install nylon strip in service hatch to protect against elevator cable rub
Remove elevator & grind down clearance of center hinge.
Correct tach reading on Dynon, reconnect hobbs meter.
Aim, secure landing lights

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