Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Did a bolt\torque check. Identified all untighted and overtorqued bolts. Replaced all severly overtorque bolts. 95% of all exterior bolts now flight ready. Almost all cotter pins installed, all others marked. Removed the dorsal fin. trimmed the top fuselage skin at the elevator cable exit and moved the reinforcement bulkhead forward to account for the bungee tension.

Ordered some nylon to mitigate rubbing of the elevator cable on the baggage compartment.

Gave the EAB plaque to the engraver. Worked on procedures and manual.

Took an initial weight measurement of 621 pounds.

Punch List:
Final placement of battery ( pending W&B )
Install EAB plaque
Fuel Filler Marking for 10G 92MoGas\100LL w/TCP
Post registration in cabin
bleed brake lines
VGs on elevator
nuetralize aileron rods & control
Fuel tank calibration
Final securing of wires after of seats in luggage
More cotter pins & safety wire
Safety wire turnbuckles in "double wrap" style
Torque seal push rod jam nuts.
fabricate, install streamlined strut covers. ( post first-flight )
Install steering boots
Install nylon strip in service hatch to protect against elevator cable rub

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