Friday, February 13, 2009

This picture illustrates that I placed the horizontal stabilizer mounts 10mm to far inside on both sides.

Two options exist in my mind for fixing this.

The first option is to create a custom mount from the fuselage side shaped to clear the flange of the stabilizer's mount. This would require a spacer and a much longer bolt. It also increases the chance of the mount cracking.

The second option is to open the stabilizer and move the mounts 10mm outside. This may require some work to the spar.

The controls are coming along nicely. The push rods and flaperon bellcranks are all connected. The flaperon mixer is also connected. The pushrods terminate where they will exit the fuselage.

I also figured out the wiring for the strobes and nav lights. They were pretty easy to deal with, but finding a suitable location for the control unit may be tricky.

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