Thursday, January 08, 2009

I have been very bad about posting recently, but this should not be construed as the project not being worked on.

The whole workbench was partially redone and lowered about half a foot. This is so the plane can sit on its wheels on the ground.

The engine mount holes were drilled out to their final size and bolted on.

Work has started on the controls. All three bell cranks have been fabricated. The lower torque tube bearing was un-riveted to allow for the torque tube to be placed. I then found an unacceptable amount of ply, so a new lower bushing was fabricated to raise the torque tube up and remove the wiggle.

In addition I have fabricated the flaperon mixer bearings and started placing the "L" angle that supports them.

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Anonymous said...


She looks great, glad to see you are still working, I wish I could say the same. You posted a question on the torque tube and bell crank for the flaperon. I made sure the the forward bearing on the seat is where all the load should be from the elevators pulling on the tube. Make sure the tube sits flush on the seat bearing,slide on the bellcrank,
make sure you have your 10 mm and mark a line on the tube. Drill hole
for bolt. Make sure you have good clearance for bolt on torque tube if it does not bottom out on the bellcrank.
delayed by divorce and cold weather.