Monday, August 23, 2010

The engine is almost ready to go. Below is the "punch list" that I could come up with. More is likely to be added

  • Install battery
  • RTV the FWF firesleeving
  • Replace pads on main gear leaf
  • Replace main gear leaf with Grove replacement
  • Run brake lines
  • Elevator cables
  • Hang flaperons, connect to push rods
  • Wire amp shunt
  • CHT calibration, install
  • Upholstery for interior
  • Install elevator trim motor
  • Replace temp tie down stations with adele clamps in aft fuselage
  • Replace aileron bellcranks
  • Clean off sharpie markings
  • Finish re-run of strobe, nav wires & map lights
  • Run fuel lines from wings to gascolator
  • Install jury struts
  • Prime V-Frame
  • Cargo net
  • EAB plaque
  • Steering rod boots
  • Install fuel filter
  • Fix bad fiberglass trim on passenger door.
  • Run AOA line
  • Install static port
  • Install Pitot/AOA tube
  • Replace bad rivets

1 comment:

Brian Unruh said...

Hey John, it looks great, I know as you finish that punch list another grows....just got my airworthiness cert this past saturday. Ready for phase 1st flight.