Sunday, December 10, 2006

Once again work is keeping me from the project. The workbench was a forbidding project for some reason, but we now have a plan, materials, and most of the work finished. We are going to use the wing crate as a base ( as mentioned previously ), but the question of how to add legs has been perplexing.

We finally settled on the simplest, most stable, and most ghetto idea: cinder blocks. The crate's frame rails will sit on slats which will rest on the cinder blocks, kinda like a mattress and a box spring. The only problem is lifting the crate... a problem that should be easily overcome with the help of a few people.

Using the crate has many advantages. It's better built than I could do. It already exists. It's about the right size. The wing skins and spars can be safely stored inside, yet easily retrieved. It's easy to make.

We bought 16 cinder blocks. The idea is to have four "legs" per side, with each "leg" two cinder block high. Each cinder block "leg" will have a footprint of 16"x8" and will be 6" high. .

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