Sunday, May 15, 2011

Got a ton of stuff done this weekend:

Fabricated and installed the oil door, installed a few cotter pins, removed the elevator trim and modified the hinge to accept safety wire, installed the elevator tensioning bungee, re-installed the doors, fabricated access panels into the seat pans, installed the access panels and re-installed the seat pans.

Punch List:
install wingroot covers.
Final placement of battery ( pending W&B )
Engrave & install EAB plaque
bleed brake lines
VGs on elevator
Adjust control tension
nuetralize aileron rods & control
N-Number on panel
Fuel tank calibration
Re-fab spacer on passenger side aileron bellcrank
Re-fab diagonal pass side jury strut
Final securing of wires after of seats in luggage
install first-aid kit and fire extinguisher
Washers for aileron bellcranks
Grease on bellcranks
Nose gear pushrod boots
Install dorsal fin
Two additional cowl fasteners
More cotter pins & safety wire
fabricate, install streamlined strut covers.
finish priming bare surfaces.

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