Monday, January 17, 2011

Another weekend of finishing work.

Preperations are being made to button the dashboard onto the panel. I filled all the grommet holes in the firewall with high-temp RTV. I also fabricated patches to cover the holes where the Zenith style throttle linkages passed through the firewall. They also received RTV along with rivets.

A new panel light was installed to replace the one that was damaged while in storage.

Label the panel
Patch fiberglass on doors
Final windshield install + sealing
Seal sunroof
Order & install steering boots
Adjust control tensions
Check all cotter pins, saftey wire, bolts
Install elevator VGs
Install dorsal fin
Final upholstrey install
Install oil door.
Replace gear with Grove brakeline drilled gear ( ordered )
Run brake lines
Install jury struts
EAB plaque
Adjust nose strut
Final battery box secure
More transition training
Smooth any remaining rough edges.

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