Saturday, May 02, 2009

Progress visually has been slow, but much has been done.

The majority of the effort has been spent researching the wiring portion of the project.

Recently I flew down to Oregon and purchased an ICOM A210, Garmin GX327 and an ELT along with the matching antennas.

I also have ordered the Dynon D180 Rotax probe package and many small parts for the wiring.

A wiring diagram has been made an is almost finished. It will get posted here for the benefit of others. This diagram was used to generate the parts list. It even goes as far to include the pinouts for each piece of avionics.

Recently the ignition key was figured out using a 12V latern battery. The strobe wiring was also confirmed.

Tonight the ICOM A210 had a temp harness made and was rigged to a headphones speaker and the latern battery to power it on. The faint sound of BFI's ATIS was able to come through without the antenna attached.

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