Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest work:

Skylight and windshield all installed and unwrapped.
Interior painted and ready. Only a few more wires need to be secured in the cabin
Controls re-installed with continuity restored. All lingering clearence issues fixed.
Rudder pulleys and flaperon mixed riveted down
Sealant & RTV installed to prevent leaks

Punch List:
Final placement of battery ( pending W&B )
Engrave & install EAB plaque
Install new Grove gear
Brake lines
Cotter pin on bungee pin & outer sleave to tighten
Fabricate top bungee retaining pin
Drill cotter pin holes for elevator bellcrank, elevator retainer and flaperons
VGs on elevator
Adjust control tension
N-Number on rudder
N-Number on panel
Fuel tank calibration
Washers for aileron bellcranks
Tensioning bungee for elevator
Flap handle bungee
Spinner final install
Grease on bellcranks
Yellow plug succured on engine spray rail
Nose gear pushrod boots
Path door fiberglass
Install dorsal fin
Oil access door
Two additional cowl fasteners